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Our In Stock section is now entirely dedicated to items that are currently in-stock and ready to ship..

Due to significant shipping and production issues we’ve taken the guesswork out for you and will now only show you only what is available to order.
To secure inventory, we suggest placing your orders online against in stock items. Unfortunately, we are not able to take preorders.

The Bramble Company Terms & Conditions


Our Products

Craftsmanship & Materials

 Bramble works almost entirely with solid hardwoods but may use other materials when necessary to ensure the stability of our pieces. We largely use plantation mahogany, reclaimed teak and mindi woods. Occasionally we will import European hardwoods for use on our pieces.

Our case goods are hand built and finished in our privately-owned factory in Java.

A Unique Product

Due to our pieces being handmade and finished together with the natural materials used, each product will have minor variations and imperfections. The distinct characteristics of each piece only add to the charm and uniqueness. Variations in natural wood patina and finishing are to be expected and sought after by our customers.


Bramble offers unparalleled custom finishing capabilities on our products, allowing you to customize multiple details of each piece. We offer paint chip samples to approximate each finish at $20 a set. Please note that minor variations are inherent due to the nature of the hand-finishing process.

Commercial Usage

Our furniture is designed for residential purposes. While customers often use items for commercial projects, we do not offer warranty on our items for such usage.


Bramble prides itself on its quality. If cared for appropriately, our furniture will last a lifetime. Below are steps you can take to minimize damage to surfaces:

• Always use coasters and placemats on any surface a glass could be placed.

 • Spills should be wiped up immediately.

• Keep furniture out of direct sunlight as it may bleach finished and cause movement in panels and tops.

Most of our items can be cleaned with a damp cotton cloth. We also recommend cleaning with Murphy’s oil wood soap. For further care instructions, please visit our website.


Items that are shipped in multiple pieces must be fixed together using the supplied brackets and attached to the wall to prevent toppling.

Your Bramble Account

Stocking Dealers

Stocking Dealers receive pricing at 20% below wholesale on most items. We require a minimum opening order of $3000. To maintain stocking dealer pricing, an annual spend $10,000 is required.

Accounts who do not meet the minimum annual spend will lose any exclusivity to the line within their territory. Accounts that are inactive for over twelve months will be moved to our standard wholesale pricing and will be expected to place a new minimum opening order to return to Stocking Dealer pricing.

To protect existing accounts, we will always confirm with our local Sales Representatives to ensure that we are not creating distribution overlap in your area.

Container Customers

Container customers receive our deepest discounts. There are no minimum order quantities per item purchased on containers. Please see the information at the front of this catalog for full information on the benefits of buying containers from Bramble

 A non-refundable $2500 deposit is required for first-time container customers. Container customers receive a 25% discount off wholesale pricing on any less-than-container orders. Please see the notes below regarding cancellation and order changes.

Design Professionals

We offer our Design Trade customers Wholesale Pricing and we do not have opening minimums for non-custom items.

While there is no transaction minimum for Designers for purchases from our warehouse, please note that freight is charged based upon a minimum of $1,000 at Wholesale pricing. We do have a minimum purchase of $1,000 for custom orders.

Designers can receive a volume discount of 20% off wholesale on transactions over $5,000.  

Online Retailers

Bramble values those that commit to flooring our items and thus we do not work with online retailers in most circumstances. Our product can only be placed online by existing brick and mortar accounts that follow our MAP pricing policy. Please see the section on online sales for more details.

Ordering Bramble Furniture

Our website is the most convenient way to place orders as it allows you to easily customize items and view current finishes. You can also submit your order with your Sales Rep if one has been assigned to your territory. Alternatively, you can email the order to cs@brambleco.com.

Order Confirmation

Once you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation email detailing items, pricing, and availability. Please check your confirmation for accuracy. Unless any changes are sent to us the order will be placed as originally submitted.

Change and Cancellation Policy

Bramble is a custom builder of furniture, producing specifically for each order, rather than pulling from general stock. When a customer commissions a container of furniture, Bramble allocates production resources and purchases materials to cover that specific order.

We understand that customers will need to make changes to their orders and may under some circumstances need to cancel a container and thus to accommodate changes and cancellations, Bramble offers a window of two weeks for changes to a container order and 4 weeks for a cancellation, both from the date of confirmation.

 In most cases, orders placed for items from our warehouse stock, cannot be cancelled once confirmed. A restocking fee of 15% will be levied on all cancelled orders.


We understand the pressure to keep prices low and we are committed to doing our utmost to do so. There are circumstances that are beyond our control, such as increases in tariffs, material and labor costs that make increases essential, though they will always be kept to the minimum.

We may have to increase pricing without notice and the latest pricing will always be reflected on our website. You have the opportunity at this point of order confirmation to cancel your order, should the pricing be unsatisfactory.

Pricing Surcharges

As of the 1st of June 2021, Bramble, like many other furniture manufacturers and distributors, must add a surcharge of 20% to any order that is received that ship through our East and West Coast distribution centers.

This surcharge is being levied to help to cover a portion of the significant freight increases on international container freight which in some instances has more than tripled. The reason for the increase includes unusually high demand for goods imported from Asia into the USA, reduced capacity by some freight carriers and expensive congestion related delays at US ports.

The surcharge only applies to Warehouse Program items and Custom Orders. Direct containers are not affected as freight is paid separately. We have used a surcharge rather than a price increase to cover these costs, as it is our understanding that freight rate increases may not be permanent. We will not in any way profit from this surcharge and will only levy it should these high freight costs continue.

We are monitoring the situation constantly and will keep our customers informed of any changes.

MAP Pricing

We take our MAP policy very seriously as we believe in safeguarding our retailers’ opportunity to profit without being undermined by online competition. MAP prices are listed in the price lists and will be enforced. Please see the section below those details all aspects of offering our products online.

Terms and Methods of Payment

Warehouse Program

All opening orders must be prepaid either by check or credit card. Items will be confirmed for availability prior to payment. Accounts who prepay will be billed for the full amount of the product and freight prior to the order shipping. Customers with terms pay for both the product and freight at the invoice due date.

Container Purchases

We require a $2,500 deposit on all first-time container transactions. For all “prepay” accounts, we will invoice two weeks after the container has left our factory. The invoice must be paid before delivery. Freight will be paid through the freight forwarder.

Custom Orders

For any new customer, all first custom orders require a 25% deposit paid by check or a with credit card. You may apply for net 30 terms for future orders.

Credit Cards

We accept all major credits cards including VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Credit card payments will be accepted for container payments with an additional 3% fee.

Interior Designers should note that we will not accept cards from their clients under any circumstances.

Payments by Check

Bramble accepts checks for both pro-forma and Net 30 invoice payments. A $25 fee will be billed for all returned checks. We do not redeposit returned checks.

Wire Transfers and ACH

Please contact us if you prefer to use this method of payment and we will provide the necessary routing information.

Net 30 Terms

All opening orders require prepayment. Second orders from Stocking Dealers may qualify for net 30 terms. Decisions to extend terms are made based upon your appropriate credit checks and references.

Net 30 payments are always due 30 days after receipt of the product. We will continue to offer our Accounts Net 30 terms if payments are made within terms.

We reserve the right to switch late payers back to pro-forma payment and to cancel all in-house orders. We will not accept orders from delinquent accounts, and we will cancel in house orders. Once the account is in good standing, orders should be resubmitted with credit card information. We will not ship to accounts which are past due under any circumstances.

Shipping and Delivery


Bramble works with specialist furniture carriers who serve the entire USA and Canada. Freight charges are calculated based upon our Wholesale price list before discount. Should you use our carriers, we will bill the freight on the main invoice with the product. Freight is never refundable under any circumstances. Please see our website for current freight rates.

Should you use your own carrier, we are able to provide approximate weights and volume for you to get your own freight estimate. You can also find this information under the “Specification” section for each item on our website. You or your carrier will need to make an appointment for pick up from the warehouse 24-48 hours before pickup.

Bramble will not ship with common carriers, nor will we load or palletize to enable such shipments. We accept no responsibility for any damages concealed or otherwise, should you decide to use an inappropriate carrier.

US Transit Times

Under normal circumstances transit times are typically 5-10 working days from the date of pickup from our US warehouse to the delivery to your location.

Truckload Rates

We will provide special quotes for truckload rates upon request. Should you book your own carrier for truckloads, it is essential that your carrier is able to carry furniture and have pads and straps available. An additional loading fee may be applicable, should the carrier not have appropriate labor.

Will Call

Customers can pick up their orders directly from our warehouses. We require a minimum of three full working days to pull orders of 3-4 items and up to 5 days for larger orders. Due to the large number of daily pickups from our facility, we cannot be responsible for driver wait times.

Drop Shipping

Bramble does not offer Drop Shipping directly to your customers. Should a dealer deliver directly to a customer, Bramble accepts no responsibility for any freight charges that result from a claim of any type.

Delivery Locations

Bramble is unable to deliver to any location that is unable to receive a 53’ trailer and have the ability to unload products at dock level. No residential deliveries will ever be approved even if the business is run from a residential address.

Offering Our Products Online

All items purchased from Bramble that are advertised online are subject to the following terms and conditions. The placement of a purchase order assumes full agreement with these conditions.

Who Can Offer Our Products Online?

To support and protect customers who make investments in floor stock, we will not sell our products to companies that only sell online, without special agreements. Thus, in most instances, our products can only be offered online by our existing, active customers who have brick and mortar retail locations.

MAP Pricing

Our MAP is equal to 2.1 x Stocking Dealer price. Authorized Retailers who offer products for sale via the internet agree not to advertise below the “Minimum Advertised Price.” MAP pricing on clearance priced items will typically be the Clearance Price x 2.1. Violation of the Minimum Internet Advertised Price policy will result in suspension of orders and shipments and will also require the immediate removal of Bramble items from your websites.

Dealing with the End User

Should a Bramble dealer choose to sell our products online, the dealer is responsible for all correspondence either by phone, mail, or email with the End User. Anyone who offers our product online or through a retail store must have their own customer service function.

Damage and Returns Policy

Following the terms and procedures listed below will ensure that claims are handled promptly.

Product Expectations

 It is essential that consumers are educated to the exact nature of the Bramble product. Each piece is hand built and finished and is inherently imperfect. Customers should be made aware that over time the tone of the woods and finishes will change particularly if left in direct sunlight. Minor scratches are easily repaired with touch up pens which are available from good hardware stores. Any wooden piece of furniture can get surface rings from glasses, cups, plates, and vases, of either hot or cold liquids and so it is essential to use coasters and placemats.

We use many fabrics that have imperfections which add to the character of the piece. Rattan is a natural material which will vary in color and levels or rusticity, flaws are a natural part of the look.

Bramble is proud to build from mostly solid hardwoods, which can expand and contract with changes in humidity. If you are in areas of either very dry air or high levels of humidity it is your responsibility to select appropriate product.

Product Specifications

All measurements and color descriptions listed in our catalogue and online are approximate only. Colors shown in photographs and color chips may vary from the actual colors due to the nature of the printing process, computer monitor calibration or the nature of the hand finishing process.

Issue Resolution

Please contact us directly by email at claims@brambleco.com if you experience problems with your pieces that are obviously manufacturer’s defect. We will provide a damage claim form and will require images of the defects and cartons in which it was supplied.

Bramble reserves the right to offer an appropriate credit for a repair or a replacement at its own discretion.


Bramble may request that a repair quote is provided and will credit the repair should it be acceptable. No repairs should be undertaken without Brambles written authorization.


If an item is not repairable, Bramble may offer a replacement and a discount on the original so that it can be sold off your floor at a discount. Bramble may require the return of the original item to credit the piece to the customer’s account. Bramble will only send the replacement to the customers store or receiver and is never liable for delivery to the end users’ home.

Credits for Repairs or Saleable Items

For any merchandise deemed repairable and/or saleable at a discount, we will issue a credit to cover repair costs, or a credit to sell the product as is. If the item can be repaired, you have one month to send us the repair quote.


Returns will only be accepted and credited when accompanied by a completed Return Authorization. A Return Authorization can be obtained by contacting claims@brambleco.com. Once received, an item will be inspected by our claims team to ascertain the exact nature of the damage, after which the credit may be applied to the account.

Disposal of Items

Under some circumstances Bramble may require that the item be either placed in the trash or donated to a local charity. If a donation is required, once the donation has been made the receipt should be forwarded to our claims department.

Product Inspections

Bramble may request that our Sales Representative for your area inspect the items prior to any action being taken.

Freight Claims

The trucking company is responsible, per the terms of the Bill of Lading, to deliver the merchandise in the same condition that it was picked up in. Freight invoices are deemed to be separate from product invoices, therefore all freight invoices must be paid regardless of product claims. Freight charges are never refundable.

To avoid losses due to freight damages, please follow the procedure below.

  • Damages - Damages to cartons must be noted on the Bill of Lading at the time of delivery. If the damages seem to have affected the item, refuse the piece at this point, and note the refusal on the bill of lading. It is the customers responsibility to notify the carrier immediately and file a claim.
  • Missing Items – Missing Items can only be replaced by the carrier if the following procedures are followed. Always check the items against the Packing List as they are unloaded. Immediately note on the Bill of Lading if an item is missing. Contact the freight company directly to inform them of the problem.
  • Manufacturers Defect - If it is established that a claim is valid for manufacturers defect and should Bramble offer a replacement, Bramble will pay for the delivery of the item and the return of the damaged item to our warehouse, only to and from our dealers’ warehouse or store and does not accept responsibility for any aspect of the residential delivery.

Bramble Warranty

Bramble offers a limited one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. In the event of a defect, malfunction, or failure to conform to this warranty, Bramble will repair or replace [at its sole option] its product without charge, upon delivery of the defective product to our warehouse location. Payment of shipping costs to and from Bramble are not covered under this warranty. Bramble does not warrant against the existence of inherent characteristics or properties of materials utilized in Bramble products, including but not limited to characteristics or properties of reclaimed materials used in its products, which can vary slightly in dimensions, color or finish from examples shown in its catalog or showroom, which may have uneven, imperfect, weathered or coarse finishes, and which may exhibit cosmetic cracking. Bramble does not warrant against and will not repair changes in wood color tone over time or oxidation of finishes or patination. Bramble does not warrant against and will not repair changes in its products resulting from misuse, mishandling, improper maintenance, improper storage, or exposure to weather, excessive moisture, or lack of moisture. Bramble does not warrant against and will not repair manufacturing imperfections in glass. Bramble does not warrant against and will not repair cracked glass or breakage of glass occurring after acceptance of delivery. This warranty is governed by Wisconsin law.