How We Got Started

When we first started Bramble over twenty-five years ago, our first workshop was cut out of a narrow space in our garage. The very first pieces of Bramble furniture were designed, finished and assembled here.

Our Story

We manage the entire process so that we can be sure that each piece lives up to our vision.

We now have our own factory in Java which spans over 17 acres. Our team of over 1500 painters, craftsmen, and designers create each Bramble piece from start to finish in this factory.

We were finally able to make a product that reflected our vision. It’s the same vision that drives our designs today. It is our passion and commitment to create pieces that go above and beyond what is expected and will only get better with age. Our products are the fruit of a meticulous design process that leaves no detail spared.

At the time, we were simply curators of goods which we sourced from various suppliers. The challenge with this, we quickly learned, was that we could only ever be as good as our supply chain. It was then that we decided to take matters (quite literally) into our own hands.

Everything is done here from the preparation of wood at our sawmills and kilns; to sanding, painting and finishing; upholstery and iron crafting; even our administrative office.