Gentlemen's Club Chess Set

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This piece is offered with a vast array of finish and distress options to create a truly custom design.

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Product Story

Improve the game face of a transitional living or recreational room with the Gentleman's Club Chess Set. Ornate and classic, this sophisticated set is hand made from solid mahogany and reflects the upscale ambiance of gamesmanship. This piece is offered



Width 80 31.5
Depth 80 31.5
Height 28 11


SKU: 25465.config
Material Mahogany
Collection Accessories

Shipping Details

CBM 0.136752
Number of Boxes 1
M3 Cubic Feet 4.02 ft3 0.11395 m3
Box 1 Dimensions : 34.6 88 x 18.9 48 x 17.3 44
Box 1 Weight : 26.46 lbs 12 kg
Box Weight Total : 26.46 lbs 12 kg
Net Weight : 20.94 lbs 9.5 kg


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SKU: 25465.config
Material Mahogany
Collection Accessories
Pack Weight: 20.94 lbs 9.5 kg
CBM 0.136752
Number of Boxes 1
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