Bird House C

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This piece is offered with a vast array of finish and distress options to create a truly custom design.

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Product Story

An equine weather vane detail brings a new dimension to this hand-carved Bird House. Crafted in mahogany, this house is a charming addition to a sun room or stylish covered patio. Distressed white finishing is complemented with dark brown, offering contrast and character.



Width 30 11.8
Depth 26 10.2
Height 49 19.3


SKU: 24790.config
Material Mahogany
Collection Accessories

Shipping Details

CBM 0.05712
Number of Boxes 1
M3 Cubic Feet 1.68 ft3 0.0477 m3
Box 1 Dimensions : 15 38 x 13.4 34 x 24.8 63
Box 1 Weight : 13.23 lbs 6 kg
Box Weight Total : 13.23 lbs 6 kg
Net Weight : 9.92 lbs 4.5 kg


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SKU: 24790.config
Material Mahogany
Collection Accessories
Pack Weight: 9.92 lbs 4.5 kg
CBM 0.05712
Number of Boxes 1
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