Take a 3D Virtual Tour of our Fall High Point Showroom 2020.




We owe our incredible success at the Fall High Point market to you! Thank you from Bramble & Steven Shell.

We are grateful to everyone who were able to stop by and made it such an amazing market. The response we received to our largest showroom yet was just phenomenal!.

It’s been our pleasure to continue to serve you. Our customers mean the world to us and we wish you all continued success in these interesting times.

We’re already carrying this energy forward to our April High Point show, where we’ll take everything even further. For those who attend the Atlanta market, we will have a great new showroom for January, featuring all the best items from High Point and more.

We couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you!


High Point Market

Showroom 2340 Floor 2

Spring 2021,
June 5-9

Fall 2020 High Point market Showroom images

Take a 3D Virtual Tour of our Mini Market 2020 High Point Showroom.







Take a 3D Virtual Tour of our October 2019 High Point Showroom.