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Our In Stock section is now entirely dedicated to items that are currently in-stock and ready to ship..

Due to significant shipping and production issues we’ve taken the guesswork out for you and will now only show you only what is available to order.
To secure inventory, we suggest placing your orders online against in stock items. Unfortunately, we are not able to take preorders.

To Our Community

We are and always have been a family company at heart. We have our own factory in Java where we employ over 1200 of our skilled painters and craftsmen.

To the Environment

We think that it’s our duty to the environment as it’s been our main source of creation that has been of an abundance throughout the years that Bramble has been in business. As part of our commitment to the environment, Bramble aims to create a sustainable environment and community, that’s driven by the desire preserve nature with Bramble’s Tree Planting program. Since 2005 over 1.5 million diverse trees have been planted to add to the growth of an ecological sanctuary in the Kediri forrest in East Java located close to our factory.

tree planting

To Our Craft

Artisanal Furniture

Created by the hands of artisans, craftsmen and women that have been in the industry for decades, our products at Bramble Furniture are made with intricate techniques and delicate designs that have been perfected over the years we’ve been a family business.

No harmful chemicals

The health and wellbeing of our artisans are at top of our list of priorities and this goes onto the health and well being of everyone with Bramble Furniture products in their homes. We guarantee the use of eco-friendly properties which includes toxic free paint and water based lacquers in our finishes.

Customized for you

Each piece in the variety of Bramble Furniture’s collections are customizable to your personal style and aesthetic. Choose from over 100 custom finishes that varies from solid colors, premium distressing and artwork that’s available in our Shop. Our artisans will hand paint and carve each specification according to your order.

The Bramble Difference

The Bramble Difference

We take pride in ensuring every piece of product is handmade by our team of over 1000 artisans.


The Bramble Company commits itself to only delivering the best pieces made out of sustainable solid mahogany wood.


The Bramble Company commits itself to only delivering the best pieces made out of sustainable solid mahogany wood.


We use the traditional technique of dovetail carpentry that is noted for its incredible strength and durability.


Since 2005 over 1 million trees has been nurtured sustainably from seed to sapling as part of our Tree Planting program.