Design Process

The Bramble Company design philosophy is to create without confines—to blur the lines between sleek and elegant design and fresh and timeless style.

The design process is intensive. It begins with a prototype that is built from our designers’ sketches. The prototype inevitably undergoes countless revisions, where our product development team reassesses every subtle detail again and again until it is just right.

Every 6 months, we go through this entire process again with new and existing items. This is necessary to make sure the pieces in each collection are more attractive and provide greater levels of comfort all while functioning more intuitively than the last.

Our Standards of Quality

The Bramble Company philosophy has always been to build up to a standard instead of down to a price. We believe that we should go above and beyond what is expected in the industry and never sacrifice quality for profit.


Our furniture is constructed using solid wood mahogany and high-grade veneers. The hardware we use is made from solid brass and all of our glass is beveled.


Our drawers are always constructed with dovetail joints. For all of our open cabinets, we use a superior tongue-and-groove backing technique entirely from solid wood.

Artistry and Craftsmanship

We employ nearly 2,000 master craftspeople that have a deep understanding of woodworking techniques that were passed down from generation to generation. Our artists paint and finish every piece by hand just as our artisans carve and chisel every piece manually.