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About Bramble


Our Story

For 25 years, our clients around the world have trusted The Bramble Company to design and manufacture on-trend, carefully handcrafted home accents and furniture at a compelling value. Thanks to customization options for over 1,000 pieces of furniture, we pride ourselves on the ability to help our consumers make every piece uniquely their own.

At The Bramble Company, we manufacture all of our products by hand in our own factory from start to finish. By doing so, we ensure that customers receive only the highest quality products at the greatest value in a timely manner. As a family business committed to eco-friendly manufacturing, we put the well being of our employees, the environment and the satisfaction of our customers first. We hope you see our passion for our business as well as our continued commitment to meeting our customer's expectations.

We welcome you to browse our website and download our catalog of beautiful, innovative, and customizable furniture. Please feel free to contact us for further information.



Fair Employment Standards

While The Bramble Company is under no government regulation or obligation to do so, we have always been an equal-opportunity employer. We are actively involved in programs that provide employment with dignity to the disabled. Our hiring practices are based solely on ability, regardless of religion, nationality, sex, age or ethnicity.

We maintain higher-than-industry-standard health and safety systems throughout our factory space. Every worker has health insurance, as well as access to our free on-site medical dispensary, which provides a full-time doctor and nursing staff.
Our Process

We’re proud to uphold a tradition of exquisite, one-of-a-kind products using high quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Our 25-year legacy prides itself on customization, rigorous quality-control and meticulous packaging to ensure our designs exceed your expectations for generations to come.


         Dried in our on-site kilns, we use mostly locally-grown lumber, solid-wood paneling, high-grade veneers and craftsmanship techniques handed down through generations of artisans.

         To ensure consistency, longevity and safety, each hand finish is done using the highest quality materials.

         After numerous check-point inspections, your furniture is strategically loaded into shipping containers to ensure each and every piece arrives safely

Hand Finishes

We know that giving you the perfect finish means mastering our trade. Thanks to 25 years of experience in handcrafted furniture, Bramble is proud to utilize techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Quality Control

Each piece of Bramble furniture goes though several quality control check-point inspections and is rigorously examined and certified before it is packed and sent on its journey to you.


Once each item's quality has been verified, it is carefully and meticulously boxed using recycled cardboard, unless otherwise requested. The furniture is then strategically loaded into shipping containers to reach optimum safe capacity.



Visit Our Factory

At The Bramble Company, we are in direct control of every aspect of production, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Our furniture factory sits on more than 7 hectares (17+ acres) of land in Central Java, Solo, Indonesia and uses state-of-the-art woodworking technology, hand-in-hand with traditional craftmanship.

With European-trained staff and American management, we provide efficient shipping services , filling approximately 70 forty-foot containers of furniture each month; in addition to containers direct to our customers, within the United States we also deliver less than container orders door-to-door.

Our privately-owned production facility   employs nearly 2000 master craftspeople, wood workers, finishers , millers and artists.

Because customization is so important to us, our supporting staff of more than 100 people is dedicated to satisfying all our clients' needs.


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